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How To Find Your Part Number

NOTE: This page contains a LOT of content, when trying to find out how to find your part number we suggest using 'CTRL, F' on your Windows PC/ Laptop and type in the search bar which opens in the top right of your browser which part you're looking to find.. for example 'LG Main Board' and it'll highlight all searches relating to that enabling you to find what you're after much quicker rather than scrolling all the way through the page. Or alternatively if you have an accruate idea of which sub heading your board will come under used the shortcuts below.


Still having trouble locating your part number?

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Samsung Power Supply:

When looking for the P/N upon your Samsung PSU you should always look for the 'BN44' number, usually this number is located within a white sticker label as you can see highlighted below. The BN44 number is usually merged in with the rest of number/ digits, therefore it is important to know where and when to stop reading. Start with the - BN44 and continue with the digits up until the first letter after the BN44. When using our search box ensure you place a '-' after the BN44, so for example on the board below, SEARCH; BN44-00623B.



Samsung Main Board:

The significant part number used for identifying Samsung Main Boards is the 'BN94-' number, many people mistake this with the 'BN41-' number which is also upon all Samsung Main PCB's this number is JUST the blank board number of the printed PCB and will in most cases appear on many other boards, for many different sets rather than the individual board you're after. The 'BN94-' number is mostly located in a white stick label somewhere upon the front of the PCB, the most common places for the label are, the card reader slot and the tuner itself.



Samsung Ysus/ Xsus Board:

When looking for the part number on your Ysus/ Xsus board the number you should be looking for is an 'LJ92-' number, which will almost always be printed onto the board in small print. The 'LJ92-' number will be followed by 5 digits and then ending with a letter as seen below:


Samsung Buffer Board:

As always finding the P/N on buffers should never be too difficult with the size of them if you know what you're looking for. On the Samsung buffers there are two unique numbers, one alot more important than the other; 'LJ41-..', 'LJ92-..' the 'LJ92-..' number is the actual Samsung P/N which will guarantee compatability. Once you've found the 'LJ92-..' number in some cases there will be a row off possible letter endings such as; A/ B/ C/ G. In order to determine yours you should look at the 'REV' number which is usually located within a white box on the PCB and will be two letters followed by a number, if it for example is an 'AA2' then your board will be 'A', 'BA2' then it'll be 'B' and so on.


Samsung Tcon Board:

Samsung provide a huge variety of different types of Tcon boards, you'll know if the tcon in your set is a Samsung tcon as it'll be marked with the traditional Samsung logo (as you can see on the tcon below). There will always be some form of board number printed onto the actual PCB for example on the one below; S100FAPC2LV0.3. This number is not the actual part number and shouldn't be ordered by however it is important to ensure when ordering these particular boards both the board and part number match. To find the part number in almost all cases there is some sort of sticker label on the board, this is usually white and is a long series of letters and numbers. After the first letter there will be 5 digits ending with a letter (so below; 23329A) for Samsung tcons traditionally an 'LJ94-' number is put infront of this number. So the part number of the board below would be LJ94-23329A.


Samsung Inverter Board:

The Important number to fine with the Samsung Inverter Board (which will have the Samsung logo clearly printed upon the board) is the 'SSI' number once this is located, find the white sticker label and from there work out the actual part number of the board by following the numbers and ending it with the first letter, for example on the board pictures below it is '02545A' once you have this number place 'LJ97-' infron of it, so it would be.. 'LJ97-02545A'.


 photo saminv_zps7a5464d7.jpg

Samsung L.E.D Driver:

The board number upon Samsung LED Drivers will be printed on the board, usually in most cases around the edge of the PCB. Once you've found the board number it is vitally important you manage to locate the actual significant part number for the board, this is located within the white sticker label, however is not clearly pointed out. If you look at the long line of letters and digits, you need to start from the first actual actual digit, in most cases '0' once you find this carry it on till the first letter. For example the one below is '-03520G', with LED drivers when searching for the board via the part number place infront 'LJ97', therefore it'll be 'LJ97-03520G'.


Samsung Panel:

To find the screen number off of your TV set you must remove the screen from the set and locate it upon the back of the panel. There will be numerous sticker labels on the back of the panel, the majority normally white. The screen number itself on Samsung panels will usually be an 'LTA', 'LTF', 'LTJ, 'LTM' or an 'LTY' number, it is important to ensure the version number matches if there is one, or any letters within brackets to the side of the number. Also upon the other sticker label which doesn't contain the actual screen number, there will in most cases be a; 'BN96-', 'LJ97-' or 'BN07-' number if this can be found it is important to match.



LG Power Supply:

Finding your LG PSU part number can be tricky, however when you know where to look it's a piece of cake. The number you need to be looking for when finding it is an 'EAY' number, this is usually printed onto the PCB itself, however can also be hard to find when located within a white sticker label in the mist of a other irrelevant bunch of numbers and letters.  If you're struggling to locate the 'EAY' number then there is a chance the P/N you're after may be a '6870' number.


LG Main Board:

When looking for your part number upon an LG Main Board, the significant part numbers of the part are as follow; EBT, EBU, EBR. These numbers usually appear on a white sticker label on the board of which also contains a barcode. Many customers make the mistake of finding the 'EAX' number on the board and searching with that number, however this isn't the ACTUAL P/N this is just the blank board number which is more than likely visible on far more boards than just the individual part you're after.



LG Ysus/ Xsus:

When finding the part numbers for your LG Ysus/ Xsus you're looking for the common LG part numbers being; 'EAX' and 'EBR, EBT or EBU' the 'EAX' is just the blank board number, so has little relevance aslong as an 'EBU', 'EBR' or 'EBT' number can be located. This is normally found within the white stick label on the board as seen below:


LG Buffer Board:

The part number for LG buffer boards will be printed on a white sticker label on the board and it'll be the 'EBR' number upon it. In some cases it will be a '6871Q' number upon the sticker label.



The number to look out for on your LG-Philips, '6632L-' if you match this number the board will work as a replacement with your set.


LG Tcon Board:

Finding the two relevant numbers on your LG tcon maybe slighlty eye straining, but it's not so difficult once you know what you're looking for. There will be two numbers as in most cases with TV PCB's, one of which is just a blank board number and the other the actual P/N which will guarantee compatability if it matches. On the LG tcons the blank board number is the number I first recommend finding if searching on our website, once you've done this then locate the (in most cases) white box with black printer numbers/ digits within it (see below to highlighted area). When you've found the numbers and digits you must then make out the actual Part Number from that. You do this by taking the first four numbers on the bottom row of the box and the ending letter see as followed: (The part number would be 6871L-3403C).


LG LCD Panel:

In order to find the screen number of your LCD panel, you must first remove the panel from the set itself. On the back of the panel there will be two sticker labels. The larger one with the LG-Philips logo upon it will have the actual screen number upon it which is almost all cases will be an 'LC' number. Ensure when searching for a panel that you include the brackets and digits/ letters that are contained within them in order to gurantee compatability.




Sony Power Supply:

Looking for the part number on a Sony PSU is normally done with relitive ease, the number you need to find is a '1-8..' number. The odd time there will be a white sticker label on the board with a '14....' number within it, this should be matched where ever possible, but in most cases the '1-8..' number will be enough, especially if the board is listed with the same size set.



Sony Main Board:

When trying to find the P/N upon a Sony Main board you're after the same type of number as you're for the Sony PSU; '1-8..'. However the print is much small on the Main Boards and in a gold circuit colour, usually located around the edge of the PCB or underneath the freeview card slot. Once you've found your '1-8..' blank board number it is important to check for any other numbers on the board as some times there is a number beginning with; 'A-1..' and this is usually the actual in most cases the Sony P/N so it is important that if this number is on the board you check that the one on our listing is the same and if not there isn't a different one on our listing before purchasing the board, otherwise you may run into compatability issues. As always if you're unsure feel free to call us or ask on our Live Chat.


Sony Inverter Board:

Finding the part number on the majority of Sony inverters is relitively easy aslong as you know what to look for. Amongst the most common Sony inverters it is important to match the 'CSN', 'PCB' number and the 'A06', usually Sony inverters come in sets and not just indivudally and the numbers will be different upon each of the inverters.


Sony Tcon Board:

There is a range of different Sony Tcon boards, but mainly it is a case of locating your '1-8..' number on the board and matching the 'A1' number whenever possible. If this isn't the case on your board feels free to give us a call or message us through the live chat. 




Panasonic Power Supply:

With Panasonic Power Supplies in Panasonic set there is a wide variety of possible PCB's each type having a different part number. 

  • TXN - One of the types of possible PSU's it could be a 'TXN' board, if you can spot a TXN number upon your board (95% of the time located in a white sticker label) then that's the number you're after, if you happen to see a 'TNP' number before the 'TXN' then this is the blank board number for the 'TXN' board, so then you know it is a 'TXN' number you're after.


Panasonic Main Board:

Finding a Panasonic main board P/N isn't so difficult once you know what you're looking for. The numbers that you are looking for is first a; 'TNP' number which is just the blank board number on the Panasonic AV boards, this number should only needed to be used if you can't locate the 'TXN..' number on the board, being the actual Panasonic P/N if you find this number then you must ensure that the board you go onto purchase has the matching 'TXN..' number within the listing, type the P/N into our search bar to instantly check if we have the board available for you or not.



Panasonic Ysus/ Xsus:

Both the Ysus and Xsus board are the same in terms of finding the part number for either of the one you're after. So search the board for a 'TXN' number, it'll more than likely be in a white stick label on the board and locate on the top line of it. Quite often there is no 'TXN' part number on the Panasonic Ysus and Xsus boards and if this proves the case it is important to find your blank board number; 'TNPA..'/ 'TNPH..' and ensure that the board you're looking at when buying is out of the exact same size set as the TV you're attempting to fit. So if you match a TNPA number with one on our site and you're after a board for a 42", however there is no 'TXN' numbero n the board it'll not work if you go on to buy a board with the matching 'TNPA..'/'TNPH..' number out of a 50".


Panasonic Buffer:

Finding the part number is never too complicated due to the little components and size of the buffer boards. When on the board you're looking for the same numbers as you would a Panasonic Main Board, 'TNPA', 'TNPH' and a 'TXN' number on the board which is the actual part number which guarantees compatability. In some cases there is no 'TXN' number upon the board and if this proves the case it's important to make sure you match the 'TNPA'/'TNPH' number and also make sure the buffer you're buying is for the same size set as your TV.


Panasonic Control Board/ Tcon:

To find your P/N on your Panasonic Tcon Board, simply look for the '19-' number followed by six digits on your board. See below.




Toshiba Power Supply:

There can be a few variations of types of PSU's used in Toshiba sets. Most usually it is the same principal as the main board, a case of locating the 'V28..' and 'PE0..', it is also important that the letter in the box after the 'PE0..' number matches.



Toshiba Main Board:

The P/N's on the Toshiba Main Boards are usually located in the same area the two numbers to look out for on the board are; 'PE0..' and 'V28..', usually next to these two number there is a small square box containing a letter followed by a number outside of the box. In order to guarantee compatability with a Toshiba board 100% the manufacturer part number must be found; which begins '750' must be found in the service manual or amongst the Toshiba trade website itself. As always if you're unsure if you're looking at the right board then don't hesitate to contact us free of charge for help.




Philips Power Supply:

There is mainly two different types of Power Supplies for the Philips manufacturer, although they've started using Vestel boards within there sets, if you happen to have a vestel board within you're set that you're wanting to replace then check the Vestel information further below. 

  • '3104..'/ '3122..', is the most common part number you'll be looking for on your PSU, if you spot the '3104' part number it is a very long number and it is important to make sure you search the number correctly, putting spaces within the search where needed.



  • 'DPS-' On a lot of the more modern Philips sets this type of P/N is more common. However it is usually very ease to find as the boards are much smaller and also the number is much more basic.



Philips Main Board:

On the Philips main boards finding the exact P/N can be a bit of a confusing task as looking amongst the board you'll notice lots of number beginning with a '3', usually we advise the customer first finds the '3139' number which will be white printed onto the PCB, it can be usually found around the edge of the board or in some cases on the back of the board in the centre. It is important that you include all the number and the 'WK' part afterwards as well. Also the serial number upon the board which usually occurs within a white sticker label is revelant, there is always an 's' before the '31' actual number.




Sharp Power Supply:

Within a lot of the smaller Sharp sets you may bump into Vestel boards, if this is the case then take a look at our Vestel Part Number information further below. There is a variety of different PSU's and P/N's that come with Sharp PSU's. The main being; 'RDEN../RUNTK..' on some of the power supplies there will be a 'RDEN/RUNTK..' number, if you have a board with this number on it is important to carry the number all the way to the ending 'ZZ', also the same with any 'QPWB..' numbers if you see this number on your board then it's the P/N you're looking for, this number will also in almost all cases end in 'ZZ'. 

There is a lot of 'PSC' type boards within Sharp sets and there's a good chance if one of the above spoken about doesn't seem to be on your board then this will be the number you're after.


Sharp Main Board:

When finding your Sharp main boards P/N there is a variety of different number all upon the board itself, it is important to ensure the majority of which match with our lisitng. Mainly there is two different numbers on the board; a 'QPWB' number which is the blank board number and a 'DUNTK' number which is the Sharp manufacturer part number, which guarantees compatability. In some cases this number isn't actually on the board though and must be found through the service manual of the set.


Sharp Inverter Board:

When finding the relevant part number to match up with a replacement board for your set the number you should be looking for is a 'RDEN..' P/N which is most of the time printed on the PCB itself.


Sharp Tcon Board:

When finding the Sharp Tcon P/N you must find the long series of digits and letters printed onto the board, there will always be four numbers infront of the lettering; '3969TPCPWBXRUNTK'. Once you've found this number it is also important to match the two letters in the box, so for example with the one below; 'ZA'.





Vestel Power Supply:

Searching for your Vestel PSU numbers should be fairly straight forward, there are two important numbers on the board. The first being the blank board number which is all cases will be a '17IP' or '17PW' once you've found this number you should now scan the board and locate a white sticker label, some times it may be green or even red. Once you've found the label locate to '20' or '23' number within it which will be 8 digits long, this is the actual vestel part number which you should ensure matches the one on our listing, as if the '17IP/PW' number just matches it doesn't mean the board is compatible. Once you've found the number type it in our search bar and see if we have any available! 



Vestel Main Board:

Finding your Vestel Main Boards P/N is just the same as the VESTEL PSU. The blank board number will just be '17MB', then finding the vestel P/N is a case of looking for a white/ green/ red sticker label and locating the '20' or '23' number within it, which will be 8 digits long. This number must match in order to GUARANTEE compatability.



Vestel Inverter Board:

Finding your Vestel Inverter Board P/N is just the same as the VESTEL PSU/ Main Board. The blank board number will just be '17INV' number, then finding the vestel P/N is a case of looking for a white/ green/ red sticker label and locating the '20' or '23' number within it, which will be 8 digits long. This number must match in order to GUARANTEE compatability.




Darfon Inverter Boards:

Darfon boards all contain a 'Darfon' logo, which is just that as text. There are two types of significant numbers on the board that you will probably notice. The '4H.V..' is just the blank board number for all Darfon boards. The most important part of the board for finding the correct replacement is the white stick label, once this is found it'll contain both a barcode and a long line of numbers and letters. It is important to locate the '19..' number within the sticker label this is the darfon part number and if matched with the board you order will guarantee compatability.


Darfon Power Supplies:




CMO Inverter Board:

Two numbers on the CMO inverter boards are relevant to finding the right board for your set. First the 'VIT' number which will be printed onto the board this is just the blank board number which is matching will ensure all the components are in the correct place. The P/N which will actually guarantee compatability is located on the white sticker label, the part number is mixed in with other letters and numbers so it is important to know what you're looking for. The part number will always start after the '$' symbol on the CMO inverters, it'll be two numbers an then a '-' followed by a 'D0' number which ends when it comes to the next '-'.


CMO Tcon Board:

When locating the part number upon your CMO Tcon you must look for a white(varies in colours) sticker label, upon the sticker label there will be a long string of letters and numbers, to find the part number within start with the '35' whihc will be followed by a '$' sign, then continue after the '-' all the way up till the next '-'. So for example on the board below the part number is '35-D033749'.





T.MSD/ CV109/ B.LT/ T.SP Boards;

Regularly customers order a T.MSD/ CV109/ B.LT/ T.SP Boards; board they're wanting to replace solely by the T.MSD/ CV109/ B.LT/ T.SP Boards; number printed onto the board. This is just the blank board number of the board and there is no significant part number upon the board which can guarantee compatability apart from the screen number which is usually located on a white sticker label on the back of the PCB.


Other Inverter Boards:


When finding the part number on a Logah inverter you must locate the white stick label and then the '19' number located within it, in between two '-'.


Other Tcon Boards:


AUO Tcon Board:

Finding an AUO tcon boards part number means finding a '55' number a lot of the times jumbled in between a bunch of others numbers. The '55' will be 10 numbers/ letters long, in most cases it will end with a; C and then two numbers afterwards.



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