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The UK's leading supplier of harvested parts.

EMOS TVs - The UK's leading supplier of harvested TV parts.


The best way to find your part on our website:

We're currently building two sepearate databases to give users the best and most informative ways of searching for their parts

Search by Part Number

If you know the part number you require and are sure it is the correct one, use the 'Search by part number' search function. Alternatively if you believe you have the correct one but are not sure please contact us.

Search by TV Model Number

If you don't know your part number then please try our new 'Search by TV Model' search function, which when entered will take you to page with all parts within your TV and you can use the filter to narrow down which parts you're looking for.

Unsure Which Part Your Require?

We offer free technical assistance, the best in the UK and also have a fully qualified customer service team. We will help diagnose your TVs fault and check if we have the part you require to fix it, even more so we can even put the order through on your behalf

How To Find Your Part Number

Use our part number guide to learn how to find your part number - How To Find Your PCB Part Number

Out of Stock?

Set up a 'Stock Alert' and our system will email you as soon as the part is available. Otherwise we can outsource parts for customers so please get in touch for a price.

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The UK's leading supplier of harvested TV parts.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are your parts new or used?

All parts are used, unless you contact us and we externally provide a new part for you from manufacturers. All parts are working and tested vigorously to ensure so before leaving our workshop.

All parts also carry a 28 days guarantee, if somehow a part arrives faulty you're entitled to a full refund/ part exchange, whichever best suits you.

Are you parts tested?

YES. Tested and working.

Can I Fix my own TV?


Give us a call or get in contact with us and tell us the symptoms of your Television set and we will provide some of the best technical knowledge in the industry to help diagnose your fault. Although it is important to not that any advice given is advice and is not gospel. We have over 35,000 customers worldwide that have benefited from our services.

Do you sell on eBay or Amazon?

Yes we do, with over 35,000 parts listed on our eBay store.

EMOS TVs eBay store


Trade Customers


Do you offer a discount to repair technicians?

Yes, if you're a repair technician simply get in touch with us via phone or email showing proof of business address, trading name, VAT number and we will go ahead and add you as a trade customer, where you will be granted a 20% trade discount on all our stock available. We offer a no hassle returns and replacmeent policy for board ordered in error, or that do not cure the fault. 

We really do believe we can be your businesses parts supplier.

We have forged very good relationships with lots of our trade customers who use us on a daily basis for parts and knowledge.




Methods of payment?

You can pay for your item using your PayPal, Debit or Credit card. All payments are secure on our site as we are SSL protected.

Can I pay over the phone?

YES. If you're uncomfortable making the payment over our secure webpage that's not a problem. We have a valid business account with MerchantCard and we can take payments over the phone free with no additional charge. We ensure all your information is not stored in any form and comply with the data protection act.

Do you store my payment information?

We store none of your payment information, our site generates us a transaction ID and a partial card number is stored within the transaction ID so that you have the ability to see which card you used to pay. All your details are safe and secure and our site is SSL protected.

Am I safe paying online?

With us, YES! We pay for a 'Secure Sockets Layer' otherwise known as 'SSL':

"This is important because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. Any computer in between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information if it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate."

This making sure all your information is safe and secure, all our payment gateways are secured.



Do I need an account to order?

NO. Having an account with us is great if you plan on being a returning customer as it saves time at the checkout and it will create you an order history. In order to proceed through the checkout we do require an email as a 'Guest Checkout' therefore we can send to you the information regarding your part(s), this is so that we have contact information if required after you have purchased a part. Also you can log back in at anytime and check your order history and order status.

How do I create an account?

Click 'create an account' at the top of our webpage, alternatively click this link.


The process to create an account is simple, fill in the form and click 'register'. If for whatever reason you're struggling to create your account just get in contact with us via phone or live chat and we will assist you in the process.

I've forgotten my password?

If you've forgotten your password, it's simple to change it and log back into your account. Follow the link below:


How do I purchase a product?

Our process to order a part is simple! Find the part you're looking for and click the 'Add To Cart', this will place the product into your shopping cart in the top right of your page in the green box where your shopping cart is. If you have the product(s) you need click the 'Checkout' button and follow the step by step instructions to proceed through the payment and have the part dispatched to you.

Do you price match?

Yes. With hundreds of thousands of parts in stock it's not possible to search every part we have in and amend the listing to be the cheapest on the net. If you would like us to price match a part, simply go into the product page of the part you're wanting and use the 'Make an offer' product underneath the image of the produce, ensuring you leave a URL to the cheaper part and that URL also proves the part is in stock we will get back to you and amend the price for your purchase!




What are reward points?

Reward points are a way of us thanking our returning customers! Every customer gets reward points for a purchase which they can either build up to spend on the full price of a product or use on the next purchase to make it cheaper!

How much are they worth?

100 points is equivalent to £5 and customers receive 1 point for every £1 spend. Essentially applying a 5% discount for returning customers.



Can you help me diagnose the fault?

YES. If you're struggling to know what is wrong with your faulty television then siply get in touch with us through one of our main points of CONTACT and we will do our best to assist you and use our engineers many years of high level experience to help diagnose your fault.

Please note: If you're going to handle the repair yourself, do no do so unless confident with working with the printed circuit boards.

How can I search for the part I need?

At the top of our page is a search bar, this is essential when trying to search for the compatible part to fix your TV set. As parts are specific to certain sets and certain screen types.

Therefore it important to ensure you order the board by the corresponding number on your faulty part.

You can use the HOW TO FIND MY PART NUMBER page, which will assist and show you how to find the part number on the specific board you're looking for, once you find the part number on your board use the search bar to search our listings for your part.

The part is out of stock, what should I do?

Ensure you're using the part number of the part you're trying to replace and you're searching via that number.

If no luck from this then we offer a repair service on Main PCB board and Power Supply Units, in order to purchase this service click on the blue bar of the listing that mentions our repair service and then add the repair service to the shopping cart and proceed through the checkout. Then ship your board to us with a copy of the repair service invoice and we will get the part repaired and shipped back to you within roughly 7 days.




Do you stock Screens?

YES. Screens are the most common write off point for TVs as the cost of purchasing a new panel from the manufacturer is a great expense and can in some cases outweigh the cost of the Television NEW. We stock screens at great prices, in order to see if we have the screen you're after you need to access the screen/ panel number on the back of your panel, by taking ff the back of your TV and looking for the white sticker on the panel itself.

Do you stock Stands?

YES. We have hundreds of stands available for our customers as we know that it's easy to lose track of a stand when moving TVs from the wall back to a cabinet. In order to search for the stand you're after enter the model number of your TV into the search bar and simply type STAND afterward.

How is your stock kept?

All our parts once tested are placed inside an anti-static bag and the boxed before entering our stock warehouse. Ensuring all parts stored within our warehouse are stored damage free.




Can I track my item?

Yes, all our couriers provide a tracking number to your purchase.

Do you charge a handline fee?

No we don't charge a handling fee

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship internationally and have many global customers using us on a daily basis! Proceed through the checkout and simply click 'International Shipping' in the shipping options.

How long doe it take to get to me?

Shipping times can vary based on the shipping method chosen and the destination/ country.

If you're in the UK and you order your board before 2pm the part will be with you the following day. Outside of the UK customers can expect delivery within a few working days.

How much does it cost to send to my country?

UK shipping is £5.99 and international shipping £15.99 and parts being shipped come with a tracking number so you can track where the part is and how long it will take to get to you.

What courier do you use?

DPD, UK Mail & Royal Mail.

Can I pick the part up?

If you're local enough, yes. Picking the part up is not a problem, just leave a note that you're coming to collect and find our store via our address.



To track your order click on the following postal service which has your product and it'll redirect you to their tracking page.

Royal Mail International

Royal Mail UK


DPD Tracking


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